Emerging Plant Disease Global Food Security

Plant Aid: A GRIP4PSI Big-Data Project to Detect Plant Diseases Faster

Join cluster bioinformatiician Dr. David Rasmussen and Geneticist Dr. Jeff Thorne in a discussion of “Teaching evolution in the time of COVID-19“.  Webinar aired 4/2/20 as part of the Club EvMed series hosted by TRICEM

GES Colloquim talk. Watch a recording of Jean Ristaino’s seminar on “Tackling the Global Challenges of Emerging Plant Diseases” for the Global Genetic Engineering and Society Center colloquium March 31, 2020 here.

Outbreaks: Tackling Emerging Plant Diseases that Threaten Food Security January 10,  2020, 1-7PM  The Emerging Plant Disease and Global Food Security Cluster held a symposium in January to highlight the innovative research of the cluster team.  The cluster works to improve both local and global efforts to manage emerging pests and pathogens that threaten crop production and lead to food insecurity. NC State has a strong history in conducting international agricultural research and outreach. Many emerging “armed and dangerous” plant diseases and pests threaten US and global agriculture and reported outbreaks have become more severe with trade and changing climate.  See the EBD Program here.