Seminar Series

Fall and Spring 2015-2016

Aug, 26 Biotechnology and Bioterrorism: Reconceptualizing Bioweapons Threats –
Dr. Kathleen Vogel, Director Science Technology and Society Program, NC State

Oct 14 Geospatial Analytics of Plant Disease Outbreaks
Dr. Ross Meentemeyer, Director Center for Geopspatial Analyticss, NC State

Nov 11  Cassava Viruses : A Threat to Global Food Security
Dr. Linda Hanley-Bowdoin, William Neal Reynolds Professor Plant and Microbial Biology, NC State

Jan 27 Industry Jobs and Beyond, Dr. Allison Talley, Syngenta Corporation

Feb 17 Towards Understanding Phytophthora ,  Dr. William Fry, Cornell University

March 2 Value Chain Research Teams for Aflatoxin Management: Trying to See the Big Picture, Dr. Rick Brandenburg, Dept Entomology, NC State

March 23-24 Global Food Security Symposium